Search, edit,...copy, cpoy, copy....paste, edit and draw mainly discribes the process. Somewhat random the result is telling a story of a time which we will look back on with ironic empathy. I ask myself: What do these images want from me? Did I just create idols. According to Mitchel “The power of the idols over the intellect of human kind lies within their silence, their exceptional apathy, their mute insistence on always repeating the same message, as well as their abbility to assimilate humans desire and force and project it back on them as a demand for human sacrifice.” (Translated from: W.J.T. Mitchel: Das Lebend der Bilder. p. 45.) Where Nitsche suggests to punsch the everlasting idol with critical language Mitchel suggests to play them like an instrument to turn them into a tonal range of humane thinking.

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