We see so many ads every day that most of us actively turn our attention away. Looking at them with a fresh eye, turning away just wasn’t possible. The visual language, the univocal texts and in the end the products sold were too interesting. Also the characteristics of local and national ads were too far apart to be ignored. If advertisements tell us about social ideologies, what are those? Through thinking about this I tried to understand more about the new culture I live in. Through working on this I became part of it and made it my own. I created a new context that manages to exaggerate reality by combining one and ignoring the other. Both Images become the ultimate of themselves, leaving no doubts of their meanings. It doesn’t matter who you are on the surface (either one or the other) in the end you are being shut down by society, vanishing in the masses, consuming what has been produced. This work is cultural. It is a fresh eye. It is unfamiliar. It becomes familiar. It is true but wrong and nothing important.

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